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The Power of Automations: 6 Email Flows that Lead to More Sales

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How much money do you want to make?

That is the question that many business owners ask themselves when they are deciding what to do with their website. If the answer is “a lot,” then you should be focusing on conversion rate optimization strategies. 

Many businesses spend time trying to increase traffic to their website, and fail to improve the conversion rate once they get there. 

In this blog post, we will discuss different types of email automations used by businesses for lead generation and how these can help your company generate more revenue!

As a bonus, we have also included some email content ideas and some really awesome examples for each email automation in this blog just for you! 😉

Types of Email Automations for E-commerce:

Email automation is a type of marketing strategy that automatically sends emails to your target audience every time a certain behaviour occurs. 

Here are 6 types of email automations that your business absolutely needs to generate leads and retain customers:

1. Welcome Series

Did you know that having a welcome email increases conversion rates by 13%? 

It’s the first interaction between your subscribers and your brand, so it’s the perfect opportunity to build relationships and set the tone of your relationship. 

One of the most important things to remember when you’re building a business is that your customers are people. It’s easy to forget that sometimes. We’ve been there, too! But if you treat them like real people they will love it and keep coming back for more. 

Your welcome email series could be triggered when an individual uses your website to provide their contact information so they are added into subscriber lists or uses their email to download information about new products or services being offered by your company. 

A great way to start a welcome email series is by including content that will engage your readers.

Here are some tried and tested content ideas for welcome emails that would impress your new subscriber and made them want to stay with your brand:

  • Share your brand story to communicate the value of your business
  • Tell your subscribers what makes you unique to build interest
  • Display your product bestsellers to attract sales
  • Promote social media channels to build engagement
  • Share customer testimonials to build trust
  • Offer promotions to drive purchase 

There is so much you can achieve just by sending 2-3 welcome emails to your new subscribers over a span of a few days. 

Here is one of our best-performing welcome emails! 

2. Site abandoned

When it comes to your e-commerce site, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can in order to keep visitors on the site. 

You don’t want them going into a “buyer’s remorse” phase and forgetting all about what they were looking for!

Site abandonment flows are one of the best ways to ensure this doesn’t happen. This email automation will be triggered when your subscriber leaves your website without viewing the products. 

You can use site abandonment flows to obtain customer data in order to better understand their needs, educate them on products they may be interested in and push them down the purchase funnel. 

Now that you know that site abandonment emails are a great way to get customers back on your site, and convert them into actual buyers, here are some content ideas for site abandonment flows for your business that would bring your subscribers right back to your website:

  • Provide product recommendations
  • Offer a discount voucher
  • Ask them what they were looking for
  • Showcase your best sellers

Take our word on this, sending out just one email reminding your subscribers to come back to your website a few hours after they abandoned it can guarantee to help you meet your conversion goals!

Here is an example of one of our site abandonment email flows that we use to generate leads and drive conversions.

3. Browse abandoned

Wonder why is it that you have a great product, but you’re not getting the conversion rate you want? 

Browse abandonment is when your customers are looking at your products and leaving your site without purchasing anything! How can this be? 

The main reason for customers abandoning your site without adding anything to their cart may be because your prospects didn’t find the product that they were looking for. Maybe because it takes too many clicks or they were struggling to filter products by size, color, or price.  Other reasons may be that the customer doesn’t know how much a product costs without adding it to their cart and checking out.

Browse abandonment flows are here to the rescue! 

Browse abandonment emails are an amazing opportunity for you to convert curiosity into income. 

They’re easy to set up and a great way to get people back on your site after they’ve left it. 

Here are some email content ideas for browse abandonment flows:

  • Recommend products that your audience may be interested in
  • Send a friendly reminder to push them down the purchase funnel
  • Ask for feedback on why they left your site without purchasing anything
  • Offer special discount to drive purchase

If your ecommerce store is getting a lot of traffic, but no sales. We recommended that you use browse abandonment email automation and see the improvement in your conversion rates!

Here is an example of one of the coolest browse abandonment emails that we use for our client. 

4. Add to cart reminder

When a customer starts shopping, but leaves without completing the purchase, it’s likely because they wanted to research more before making a decision. 

But what if you could make sure those customers didn’t forget about your products by sending them an email with a special offer enticing them back to complete their purchase? 

That’s where automated abandoned cart emails come into play!

Abandoning a cart is one of the biggest reasons for lost sales. That’s why you should use abandonment cart flow in order to win back your subscribers. 

Abandonment cart reminder emails are one of the most effective and simple ways for e-commerce businesses to increase their sales. 

Research shows that a mere 3% or more in revenue can be generated by sending these emails. 

With so many benefits, there’s no reason not to use them!

Here are some abandoned cart email flow ideas for your ecommerce:

  • Create a sense of urgency by notifying your customers when their cart will expire or the products will run out of stock
  • Offer special discount on their order
  • Send a friendly reminder 

Keeping your customers engaged is the key to high conversion rates. Abandonment Cart flows help you remind shoppers what they’ve left behind so that you can convert them to buyers! 

Here is one of the abandoned cart emails that we use to drive conversions. 

5. Abandoned checkout

How disappointing it is when your customers add products to their cart, click on checkout but leave without paying?

It’s like making a u-turn just when you were about to reach the finishing line! 

Abandoned checkout emails allow you to keep you in touch with customers who have abandoned their shopping carts after checking out and might be interested in coming back later or purchasing something else. 

It’s easy to let customer shopping carts left abandoned after checking out. It can happen for a variety of reasons: the browser crashes, they find the checkout process tiring or they are having second thoughts about their purchase. 

Whatever the reason may be, these abandoned checkout emails are still worth pursuing because there is money on the table that could have been yours!

Your business needs an abandoned checkout email flow because it will increase your conversions, keep your customers engaged, improve customer satisfaction and help you win over new customers. 

Abandoned checkout email automation is also a perfect opportunity for you to build trust and credibility for your brand by communicating why your customers are making the correct decision by purchasing your products. 

Here are some content ideas for abandoned checkout flows that you could use for your business:

  • Remind customers of the products they left behind
  • Showcase trust and credibility through reviews and testimonials
  • Educate customers on what your company stands for
  • Offer special discount on their order

If you wanna improve your conversion rates, you need an abandoned checkout email automation. 

According to various studies, most people aren’t ready to complete their purchase while checking out and the ones who receive a follow up email during their checkout process will actually end up buying from your online store as opposed to someone else’s. So, go for it and see the magic!! 

Here is an example of an abandoned checkout reminder flow.

6. Post purchase thank you

Sending a thank you email to your customers, after they make their first purchase with you, is one of the best ways to earn repeat business and create brand loyalty.

Many businesses overlook this simple step or send out generic emails that don’t stand out from the crowd. 

Post-purchase thank you emails are an easy way for any company to build customer loyalty and retention by sending personalized messages that feel like handwritten notes. 

You don’t want to forget that it’s important for your customers to feel appreciated and their time is valued. Sending a post-purchase thank you email can help do this!

Using this automation, you can increase customer satisfaction. You know what that means right? 

Satisfied customers means loyal customers which means more revenue for you!

Hence, a customer is more likely to purchase from your store the next time they need something because of their pleasant experience the first time around. 

Here are some amazing content ideas that can be used for post-purchase thank you email flows:

  • Implement post-purchase emails with a list of benefits for ordering from your company 
  • Offer them another discount code if they’re interested in reordering (A great way to increase order size)
  • Ask for customer feedback to make improvements in your business
  • Encourage them to follow your social media channels to build customer engagement

Your business absolutely needs a post-purchase thank you email automation. It’s a great way to let customers know that they made the right choice in buying from your store, and their engagement with the business is valued which makes them want to stay around! 

Here is an example of a fun post-purchase email automation that we created for our client. 

Wrapping up

Your audience needs to be constantly engaged in order to stay loyal to your brand. Email automations is a fail proof strategy to  increase traffic to your website and drive conversions. 

Imagine the number of potential sales you could miss out on if you fail to remind your prospects to visit your website after an abandoned cart! You wouldn’t want that right? 

Optimizing the use of automated emails may not be that easy. If you’re struggling with it, take a look at our email automation services that are guaranteed to delight your customers and help you achieve your conversion goals! 

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