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Mailchimp vs. Klaviyo: The battle of the email marketing tools

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Let’s Fact-Check the Monkey Business: Here’s Why Mailchimp is Not The One

Ever noticed how Mailchimp conveniently pops up in Google when you’ve used enough email-related keywords? Like the McDonald’s of email marketing, it’s cheap and widely accessible. 

But as a healthy body depends on quality food, so does a successful business rely on quality tools…

In the case of Mailchimp, you’re missing out on some powerful features to hit the big numbers through email marketing.

To answer the frequently asked question, “Why can’t I just use Mailchimp to send out my eCom business emails?”…

Well, if all you wanna do is send emails and get stats on how many people open, click, and buy from you, Mailchimp will suffice. 

But remember…

eCommerce brands need deeper insight into intelligent data based on their subscriber’s behavior- something way more reliable and detailed than the basic analytics that Mailchimp offers.

Confused much? Let’s break it down further.

Apart from the fact that Mailchimp no longer integrates directly with Shopify (they had a fall-out), here are 3 totally legit reasons why Mailchimp could drive you bananas…

👉 Mailchimp was not built for marketing automation. Shocker!

Subscriber’s journeys can’t be tracked, which means you can’t plan strategies to nurture and re-engage them later on.

For example, you own a cosmetics brand and you’re about to launch a red lip gloss. That lip gloss would be the perfect add-on to the red lipstick you already sell. 

As a cross-sell campaign, you want to create a list of all the previous buyers of that lipstick and give them a special discount on the lip gloss.

But if you use Mailchimp, there is no record of those buyers available to you. With the right marketing automation tool, you can quickly create such a segment.

It doesn’t end there…

👉 Mailchimp cannot schedule email reminders for fast-selling products.

Say, you’ve noticed that people typically repurchase a certain product after 90 days.

You want to make sure that anyone who doesn’t order after that period is up, receives an email to remind them to do so. But alas, with Mailchimp, that option is unavailable.

Let’s not get started on Mailchimp’s standard treatment of all subscribers!

In other words:

👉 Mailchimp. Has. No. VIP!

When it comes to marketing, the more tailored your messaging, timing, and frequency- the better.

You can’t treat your once-off buyers the same way you treat your returning customers- you have to develop different marketing strategies for each segment. 

Your top customers need VIP treatment! But because you’re with Mailchimp…well, you get the picture. It doesn’t do that.

The list could go on forever about all the features Mailchimp doesn’t offer. You gotta admit, that’s a nightmare for anyone looking to seriously scale their revenue with email marketing.

On a positive note: If making more sales is a priority for you, it’s critical to lay the right email foundations.

And it all begins with the right tool.

Luckily, Klaviyo does all the above plus so much more…

Not buying it? Keep reading to find out why Klaviyo is the GOAT…

Klaviyo, which was designed from top to bottom for email marketing, fits hand-in-hand with the eCom world. 

With its design, API integrations can pull in much more information, email automation can be easily modified, forms are versatile and robust, and data is never outdated.

Klaviyo is built to help eCom stores improve marketing and increase through real-time analytics.

Is your goal to make heaps of money?

Over 18,000 businesses who switched to Klaviyo witnessed a 46% increase in their store revenue. One of the many reasons why Klaviyo G2 Crowd reviews are so highly rated is because the platform is packed with features.

This meme below pretty much sums up our feelings about Mailchimp everyyy time someone posts about how they are on Mailchimp and want to scale with email (good luck, but that will be a very difficult uphill battle!)

Here are 3 no-brainer reasons why Klaviyo rocks

👉 Klaviyo’s legendary automation system.

With Klaviyo you can select from a wide range of email workflows. You can get started quickly with easy templates that can be edited, fully redesigned, or completely new flows can be created.

For added flexibility, workflows with several paths can even be created, based on the stats you receive from customer behaviour.

The options include anything from shopping cart updates, giveaway reminders to birthday wishes, and thank you messages.

And, bonus! Klaviyo makes it easy to see which automated emails are driving more sales when you test a bunch of them.

And this:

👉 Pennywise, pound foolish: Get value for your money!

For most online marketing models (ahem, Mailchimp) pricing is a grey area, with hidden terms and conditions that pop out and surprise you.

Klaviyo’s pricing structure is based on a flat-rate strategy that is straightforward and honest from the start.

Though Klaviyo’s price may seem higher at first, once the total cost of ownership is factored in, it is more affordable. We feel richer just saying that!

How about this?!

👉 Klaviyo’s top-notch and uncomplicated data reports.

So you’re tracking the statistics of your eCom store (probably on Mailchimp), but the best you can do is monitor reports on open rates, clicks and purchases.

Klaviyo, on the other hand, delivers top-of-the-line capabilities with reporting as well as analytical features for your eCom business. 

You will be able to compare your previous performance rates with current rates, and check the effect your marketing initiatives are having on your revenue. The reports will even notify you of trends and patterns in events, plus so much more!

So back to the question of the day: Mailchimp or Klaviyo? 

Results are clear- Klaviyo takes the lead!

Its segmentation, automation, and reporting systems are significantly more sophisticated and compatible with eCom marketing. 

Got questions about Klaviyo? Drop them in the comments below so we can answer them!

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