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HALLOWEEN EMAILS: Scary Season is back with tricks to increase marketing sales!

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Following Christmas, Halloween is the second-most decorated event worldwide. The holiday ranks among the top ten greeting card occasions of the year. 

Why do we know this?

To show prospects and customers how deeply we care, of course! Showcasing involvement in celebrations makes your business look fun and easy to interact with. Halloween is the perfect time for you to decorate mailboxes and grab customers’ attention!

The thing is, it’s easy to tap out and send off an email, where it will ferment in someone’s inbox, untouched. That can be remedied by stepping up the game and getting crafty, and what better time than on an imaginative holiday to do that?

That’s why we’ve brainstormed some ways to boo-st your email game!👻

Well-designed, thoughtfully written emails are popular with customers. Adding a few details and getting creative can encourage recipients to read further and possibly respond.

Even though it can be challenging to incorporate inventive and original spooky ideas into marketing emails, we’ve got some tricks and treats ready to get the ball rolling!

  1. Stand out by blending in.

So you can’t find a way to relate your products to Halloween because they don’t exactly scream “scary business”. This shouldn’t stop you from utilizing the benefits as a marketing strategy. The point of a costume is to dress up and have fun, right?

🎃 Add some Halloween lingo to your emails and wish customers a happy spook season!

🎃 Decorate your products with creepy props and share pictures of them online.

🎃 Put the business mascot in a spooky ‘fit.

🎃 Dress the team up as ghouls and werewolves for a staff photo. Plus, there’s a free Halloween party in there somewhere!

So, who said anything about your products being skulls and bones? These are just a few of the creative ideas you can work with when “dressing up” your Halloween email advertisements. Give it a thorough out-of-the-box attempt, and soon enough your creativity will have customers pouring in!

  1.  Make them come to you.

Incentives encourage curiosity and competition. Offering Halloween-related specials or running competitions for recipients during the season will prompt them to engage in emails and interact with your business. 

🎃 Customers could enter a giveaway for free items if they send in photos of their most inventive Halloween costumes. 

🎃 Customers could win a discount offer by submitting their most creative Halloween party ideas!

🎃 Those who share the giveaway with others may get an extra discount valid for the Halloween period.

These are just a few of the many Halloween giveaway ideas we’ve touched on! Who says no to free things?! Your competitive and spirited response to the exciting season ahead will entice customer curiosity to check out your website and perhaps even shop with you. All-in-all, good for business!

  1. Play it low-key, keep it classy.

You may not be ready to get into the full Halloween spirit right from the jump, and that’s all right too. Consider starting off with a simple email and working your way up to a celebratory finalé! 

A hint of Halloween should work…

🎃 In the email subject line and in the email conclusion, you can use playful Halloween wordplay to make recipients laugh.

🎃 Add some color schemes or images to your usual templates to complement the jack-o’-lanterns!

🎃 A simple scary reference statement within your email that leaves room for imagination with the recipient!

Customers may appreciate the subtle Halloween references, and simplicity can make the emails appear classy and professional, which they value seeing in businesses as it conveys integrity and is strictly business-oriented! 

Your emails can build anticipation, and the series can end off with an elaborate Halloween-themed email for an exciting conclusion. Spreading Halloween excitement also shows your business’s commitment to customers’ happiness and satisfaction! 

  1. Lend a helping hand!

It’s often forgotten that Halloween emails don’t have to be scary or exciting to be effective in showing that you care about how customers spend their holiday.

Sometimes being helpful, such as providing tips on ways to have a fun and safe Halloween can grab their attention just as easily.

🎃 Blog about how parents can enjoy Halloween in a disaster-free environment with their infants!

🎃 Offer tips and tricks on ways to ensure the safety of their children during the scary hours of trick-or-treating.

🎃 Share some delicious and healthy Halloween recipes for everyone to enjoy!

Everyone can benefit from every bit of advice they receive, especially parents! Your businesses should indicate their support by creating useful content and ideas and sharing them with customers through emails.

In this way, people will feel more at ease and safe using your business, and once again become familiar with your business and emails!

On that note

Emails are enjoyable to read when they include something of value; whether it’s a helpful tip, a free item, or just a good old laugh. This makes them more likely to look out for your future communications and purchase from your business.

By showing them how your business cares about something as simple as Halloween, you can encourage them to visit your online store. 

Don’t be afraid to use some of the ideas we’ve provided above if you’re having trouble incorporating this theme into your business emails!

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