This home decor brand curates vintage carpets handwoven by Moroccan artisans. Each piece is one-of-a-kind with a unique history.

How Coco Made 61% Extra Revenue On Black Friday

rug brand case study

when coco met wild cactus...

And how the powerful collab began!

Coco Carpets had unique pieces that were waiting for vintage enthusiasts to own them.

However, they were on Mailchimp and not doing any email marketing despite having an email list.

We took them from 0 to 23% in revenue from email marketing within 30 days of migrating them to Klaviyo, helping them hit their best month in business.

After ramping up their email automations, they then hit 61% in revenue during Black Friday week.

what we did

strategy # 1

With the high price of the rugs, it was crucial to make sure email automations provided a great experience to window shoppers, first-time buyers and repeat customers.

strategy #2

Since the rugs were luxury items, we had to focus campaigns around what vintage rugs were about, why invest in them and how to clean them the right way.

strategy #3
secret launches

Before the launch of Black Friday, we gave early access to email subscribers to grab the rugs before we announced the sale to the public. This resulted in a spike in sales.

in a nutshell, coco's email system comprised of story selling


We tapped into the desire of owning a piece of history

Vintage enthusiasts appreciate the history behind what they purchase. For them it's more than just an item.
It's a way to spark conversations with people who ask "where did you get this?"

It's a way of knowing that they are continuing someone's journey.
Even if they have to pay more for a vintage rug compared to factory-made carpets, for a vintage lover, the emotional attachment to pieces with history is more appealing.

And that's the desire we tapped into with every email we sent.
Coco Carpets was never about rugs, it was about the artisan's story woven into their handiwork.

- Karly | Founder @ Coco carpets

We loved working with Wild Cactus!

The team is creative, savvy and a master of content. Email marketing can be tough, but it has quickly become our most effective marketing strategy thanks to their help. We’re excited to continue growing our brand!

the summary:


By setting up essential and advanced email automations, we were able to capture their traffic into subscribers and turn those subscribers into customers.


Through the use of re-engagement emails, we were able to increase their customer lifestime value by motivating customers to order again (and again)!


By leveraging teasers, countdowns and segmented offers, launches were successful. The audience was kept on edge, ready to shop as soon as any new collection dropped.


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