apparel brand case study

How Vitae brings in 50% of their revenue from email

This direct-to-customer brand helps women feel comfortable in their own bodies with the most comfortable, stylish fitness & swim wear that makes them look & feel great.

when vitae apparel met wild cactus...

And how the powerful collab began!

Vitae was doing a lot of things right- from creating amazing products to top notch customer service- but they didn't have an email marketing system.

With a launch due, they reached out to us for email marketing help. At that time, email was bringing in less than 10% of their store's revenue.

Our email launch campaign not only surpassed their target revenue but sold out the collection in a couple of days.
Currently, email accounts for 50% of Vitae's monthly revenue.

what we did

strategy # 1

All the way from when a subscriber stops by the website to window shop to when they reach VIP status, we have automations to guide and delight them, every step of their journey with Vitae.

strategy #2

Nobody likes to receive the same "here's x% off" emails every week. We tapped into our audience's desire to be heard, entertained and to feel special to create  regular campaigns.

strategy #3
fun launches

Every month, we plan and execute fun launches that are centered around listening to the audience and creating products that they request based on their fitness goals and needs.

in a nutshell, vitae's email system is an extension of their mission

Collaboration over Competition!

Which is to create a community-centered

Whether it was a new collection that we needed a name for...
Ideas that  we wanted to create content around...
Or to simply understand why a segment of our list never bought, even during sales....
We used email as a communication tool to just ASK!
Anytime we plan to do something new or want a fresh perspective, we rope our email subscribers in so they feel like they are a part of global family.
The replies we get every time further fuel our understanding of our audience so we can serve them better... which leads to a nicer experience for them and more sales for us!

- Selene Dior | Founder @ Vitae Apparel

Wild Cactus is very knowledgeable in email marketing.

Not only do they understand the brand voice and message that needs to go in emails...
But they will also work with you and your company for other successful marketing projects such as social media campaigns!

the summary:


By setting up essential and advanced email automations, we were able to capture their traffic into subscribers and turn those subscribers into customers.


Through the use of re-engagement emails, we were able to increase their customer lifestime value by motivating customers to order again (and again)!


By leveraging teasers, countdowns and segmented offers, launches were successful. The audience was kept on edge, ready to shop as soon as any new collection dropped.


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