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Your Film Poster Raked In 20% revenue from email in 60 days

This brand designs posters inspired by movies from photos sent by customers. Their unique product serves as the perfect gift or a way to create fun, lasting memories.

when YFP met wild cactus...

And how the powerful collab began!

YFP had fun collections of film-inspired posters for photography enthusiasts.

However, they were not fully utilizing the power of Klaviyo automations and campaigns.

We took them from 2% to 20% in revenue from email marketing within 60 days of setting up their flows and sending out 3 campaigns a week.

After ramping up their system, they managed to sell more posters during the end-of-year holidays.

what we did

strategy # 1

With the unique nature of the products, it was essential to provide ample information on how people could  leverage their website to turn their photos into customized posters.

strategy #2

Since the posters were great gift ideas, we had to showcase them in campaigns so people would consider them as souvenirs for their loved ones.

strategy #3
regular launches

Since the team came up with new designs weekly, we had to do regular launches to showcase the new posters to give subscribers gift ideas for their friends and family.

in a nutshell, YFP's email system was all about special moments


We tapped into the desire of preserving memories

Photography enthusiasts love to see their work being appreciated. And what better way to do that than a large poster up on the wall for people to see?

By making it fast and easy to turn any photo into a film-inspired poster, YFP gave people the chance to give unforgettable gifts.

From birthdays to anniversaries, from graduation to roadtrips, the YFP team came up with creative poster ideas for every occasion.

That's not all, they also focused on all types of genre, from horror to romance, comedy to fantasy.

- Jort | Founder @ Your film poster

"Communication was good, the team was quick in setting up or making changes."

Wild Cactus really picked up our email marketing, as the audience was quite cold before they started. The flows are set up really well, and the weekly emails showed a good engagement.

the summary:


By setting up essential and advanced email automations, we were able to capture their traffic into subscribers and turn those subscribers into customers.


Through the use of re-engagement emails, we were able to increase their customer lifestime value by motivating customers to order again (and again)!


By leveraging teasers, countdowns and segmented offers, launches were successful. The audience was kept on edge, ready to shop as soon as any new design dropped.


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